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Sep. 27th, 2006 @ 03:40 pm Long Beach Pagans teams up with SoCal Free Pagans
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Hey just a PSA to let you all know that the Long Beach Pagan Meetup group has become affiliated with a larger regional group called the SoCal Free Pagans. The SoCal Free Pagan group is a loose association of Pagan groups across the Southland dedicated to upholding the freedoms of Pagans, Witches, and other Heathen groups. Currently, the SoCal Free Pagans do not hold meetings of their own but instead support the growth of local groups like ours. They do intend to hold public rituals, such as a Yule ritual, and I am thinking about attending.

The SoCal Free Pagan group can be an excellent resource when trying to find Pagan groups in other areas of Southern California. They do not partner with every Pagan group, but only those seen to uphold the values of freedom of speech, beliefs, and membership.

Also, they really need a graphically oriented web monkey. If you can build a nice looking and organized website, they could really use your help.

Check them out, its looking like a nice group so far, and they've said some nice things about us on their website!
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